Ways to Avoid Being Surprised by Taxes

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Richard Butler-Creagh is the founder of Henley Finance which is a short- term bridging finance company. Here is Henley Finance advice about getting your taxes right:

Being an entrepreneur and establishing your own business provides tremendous freedom that you just can’t get working for someone else. When tax time arrives, entrepreneurs must take a totally different approach to taxes than the average worker. For example, when you work for someone else, your employer takes care of withholding taxes from your checks. But when you’re self-employed, that tax requirement falls only on your shoulders.

Know and calculate your self-employment tax obligations.

As mentioned above, you have to pay self-employment tax if you work for yourself. Part of this tax goes to Social Security and part to government medical insurances. This is in addition to individual income tax. If this is the first year that you’re in business for yourself, you’ll need to estimate how much money you expect to earn by December 31st. Otherwise, you can use online worksheet programs to help you figure out your tax obligation based on your prior year’s tax return.

 Seek advice from your accountant

Once per quarter, see to it that you sit down with your accountant, and review several items. First, check to make sure you are setting aside the right percentage of funds in your accounts.

Also take a look at the changes in your business since your last meeting with your accountant. Looks at trends, and discuss the company’s status. Finally, know of any changes in tax laws that might affect the way you are currently operating. This meeting doesn’t take a lot of time, but make sure you are doing the right things and heading in the right direction. This gives you time to make course corrections before you stray too far.

 Know Your Tax Laws

Your accountant is your best, most consistent source of information about important changes to the tax code. But you can’t get lazy and expect a third party to do everything for you. If you’re an active partner in making sure you’re up to date on the tax laws that affect you, you can be better positioned to take advantage of opportunities to reduce your liability and ensure you’re not caught short when it’s time to write the government a check.

Know Your Tax Deductions

This is another area where it pays to use an accounting service, so talk with certified tax accountants as necessary. While you certainly want to pay all the taxes you owe, there’s no sense in paying more than you’re legally obligated to. Consult with your accountant to make sure you’re positioned to take advantage of the tax breaks you’re entitled to. Just make sure you’re claiming all of your available deductions; many entrepreneurs don’t. While none of us particularly enjoys paying taxes, it’s far less painful when you have the funds to cover your obligation. Careful planning and regular checkups can help ensure you’re never surprised to see your taxes again.

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Le Mans 2017 – The Results


Henley Finance recently announced sponsorship of the Beechdean Aston Martin team at Le Mans race. Henley Finance are very pleased with the Beechdean Aston Martin team who came in 4th position at gt3 amateurs race and only came 76 seconds behind 3rd position.

Olly Bryant said of the race:

We made it! P4 , only 76 seconds behind P3, fantastic result for the team, and Aston won the Pro-class too after a fantastic battle with Corvette. 

Here’s a guide of the different classes in the race:

  • LMP1: These are the top level of endurance racing prototypes in the world and the fastest class at Le Mans.
  • LMP2: These are slightly slower, cost-controlled prototype class open to amateur drivers. No manufacturers are allowed in this class anymore. The cars are a bit faster this year, and it still attracts some amazing drivers, so there was 24 hours of ruthless racing in this class.
  • LM GTE Pro: This is the class where the manufacturers bring their latest, best production-based race cars.
  • LM GTE Am: This is the GTE class which is open to amateur drivers and the machinery has to be at least one year old to be used here. This year showed Ydiverse field of cars in this class.

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Henley Finance sponsor Beechdean Aston Martin team at Le Mans race

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Henley Finance founder Richard Butler-Creagh has announced their sponsorship of the Beechdean Aston Martin team at the upcoming 24 Hours of Le Mans race on the 17th-18th of June 2017. Henley Finance, a leading UK Bridging Finance company, has sponsored the team, and racer Olly Bryant in the upcoming French endurance race. Their logo will be on the racers jacket and provide the British finance company international promotion. The news has been released online this week and marks a milestone for the company.

Olly Bryant announced that he qualified for the 24 hours La Mans race in France. Here is the statement he made about this:

We qualified 9th. We have an issue with one cylinder on the race engine so the engine is being changed this morning. This meant we couldn’t run on the soft tyre at the end of the session to improve our lap time. Not a problem, as we can have a strong race from 9th and pace is good.

Pre-race meetings, driver change practice and then the drivers’ parade in LM centre this afternoon, before an evening of maximum rest before race day!

The race will be televised across the world. If you are watching keep an eye out for the Henley Finance logo on the teams jackets. Show your support for the Beechdean team at the race on their Twitter page. You can also follow the race on the Richard Butler Creagh Twitter page. Connect with Richard Butler Creagh on his Linkedin page here.

Henley Finance Announces New Lending Product

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Henley Finance has announced a new product that can be expedited in record time which circumvents the need for a second charge. The new product devised by its founder, Richard Butler-Creagh, reduces the time-scales for such lending from weeks or months, to just a few days.

Henley Finance puts property professionals in contact with individual lenders who through their own career experience understand the difficulties of financing and the all-important speed of completion. Founder, Richard Butler-Creagh, says:

“We are willing to look at any proposal and we pay extra attention to value of the property and the property developer’s business plan.”

Richard Butler-Creagh, who started off thirty years ago in the property industry himself, was drawn to bridging finance as he could see that so many needs of the borrower were not being met.

Traditionally, professional property developers find barriers to further lending with their mortgage company or financier. These lenders are otherwise known as first charge holders as their loan was the first secured against the property. In the pre-2008 crash days they were amenable to allowing other lenders to lend against the property. These subsequent lenders would be known as charge holders too as they would have a second or third charge secured against the property.

After the sub-prime mortgage scandal, first charge holders have made increasing restrictions on the subsequent lending with lengthy time-scales until draw-down and more often than not, prohibiting second charges on the property altogether. These moments can be crucial to completion of a transaction and delays cost money, and sometimes the success of the project is put at risk. Whether the property developer needs a few extra months until planning is approved or needs some extra capital to obtain the turn-key finish, time is of the essence and the new Henley Finance product is set to address it.

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Using Finance to Increase Business Revenue


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Henley Finance are experts One measure of growth is your business turnover. A growing turnover implies many things about your business. It’s a clear indication that your market position is improving, that you’re gaining more contracts and purchase orders, and most of all, that your business service or product is gaining further traction and improving. Finance can be used to increase your turnover and lead to these characteristics of a thriving business.

As a trading business, you’ll already understand the importance of working capital to pay for your operating costs — bills, wages and everything else in between. Did you know that working capital finance can give you the opportunity to tender for larger contracts, purchase larger quantities of stock, and generally get larger as a business? The three options below will boost your working capital reserves, which can be used to boost your growth.

Giving your customers credit terms to pay you back is sensible for many reasons — in fact, you most likely already do it. It allows you to build great relationships across the supply chain and your business can, in turn, handle large payments better over time.

Invoice finance is simply the process of freeing up cash from your invoices to customers. It uses the value of the service provided by your business – tied up in the invoice – to quickly release cash into your account. Rather than waiting for 30 to 60 days for your invoice to be paid, you simply sell it to the invoice financier who will advance up to 90% of the value immediately. It keeps cash running through the business, so you can pay for your own costs and bills, and make growth purchasing decisions.

Invoice finance can be thought of as simply releasing the current value of the business regularly — it uses existing assets, so what the business currently has. However, it means your business can afford more, and therefore do more.

‘’Some businesses wonder how it will affect their margins, but if you’re taking on larger contracts, you can view the option as a long-term strategy for growth and it’s more likely to stack up.’’ Founder, Richard Butler-Creagh said.

Significantly, invoice finance products grow with your business. They are not simply static business loans. It increases as your business increases, which is why many fast-growing and large companies have it in their roster.

If you are interested in getting finance for your business, whatever it’s size or age, then arrange a consultation with Richard Butler-Creagh from Henley Finance today. Whatever your finance needs, it is worth learning from the experts at Henley Finance. Connect with Richard Butler-Creagh on his Linkedin page here.

Richard Butler-Creagh Blog

Richard is a Property and Finance Consultant who owns Henley Finance Ltd a specialist lender providing bespoke short and medium-term funding solutions to the residential and commercial property markets. We like to keep you update with all financial news that we think is important in today’s financial market

Internet of People Blockchain Fermat Signs Up New Partners

Fermat’s goal is to enable direct device to device communication, independent of any entity or web server.

Fermat, a decentralized and blockchain-enabled open source project developing the Internet of People (IoP), has announced upgrades to its architecture. Launched in April 2016, Fermat’s goal is to enable direct device to device communication, independent of any entity or web server.

Over the course of 2016, Fermat has built and implemented the IoP token blockchain, and distributed mining software and IoP Wallets. Its key point is a mining scheme where mining licenses are issued to local chapters. Its native IoP tokens are currently traded on two cryptocurrency exchanges, Bittrex and C-Cex.

The latest technology to be released in Alpha is the Profile Server. As a piece of the broader IoP architecture, the Profile Server will enable any user to discover another user’s profile and establish a device-to-device connection directly between them.

“Completing the development of the Profile Server is is a significant milestone for the project, as it is an essential component of the Fermat infrastructure. This combined with the completion of our Location Based Network and Content Address Network puts us firmly on track to meet all of our development goals in 2017,” said Founder Luis Molina.

The Location Based Network is the foundation for geo-localized services Fermat will offer to entrepreneurs building IoP connected apps. Services built on the Fermat stack in the future will be able to partner with its nodes, and by doing so, these services will become geo-localized.


The project has also attracted a few new partners: Heimdall PE Partners AG, a Swiss advisory firm for investment vehicle structures and private equity; Tom Lyons, Founder of Lyons Communications, a Swiss-based communications agency specializing in Fintech; Søren Fog, CEO and Co-Founder of iprotus, a leading blockchain consultancy; and Jeremy Epstein, CEO of Never Stop


“One ambition of mine for 2017 was to expand our management team with world-class talent. I am delighted to welcome Heimdall PE Partners, Tom Lyons, Søren Fog and Jeremy Epstein to the Fermat project and I look forward to watching the project grow and succeed with their expertise and knowledge of their fields. The next step is to hire a full-time senior management team. The size of the project already demands it,” said Molina.

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