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2018 was a great year for Henley Finance. We have financed just over 50 projects with a total loan portfolio of just under £12. It has been a busy year with a lot of challenges and learning curves which resulted in many successes.  We have had a lot of new interest in the investment in our projects. We have proven ourselves to be an extremely reliable source of income for our investors and a safe one too. We have not lost any capital on any project as our experience and relationship with the borrowers enables to keep a close look at the targets of the project and if those are met.


In general finance companies, including Henley Finance, invest their client’s capital into securities or lend them. Generally, the higher the risk the higher the reward but also more likelihood of losing capital. Often the stock market is tempting for investors as the returns there are quite significant but also the loses. The property market in the UK has been relatively stable, in the Brexit circumstances. However, the banks have been reluctant in lending money onto high loan to value, which has opened an even bigger niche for bridging finance. The attitude of banks towards lending is rather skeptical. The banks reluctant to finance developments on the value of the project and are keener to look at the value of the property before the project. Big finance companies are less efficient in helping borrowers to finish the project and going through. Henley Finance is known for its individual approach to borrowers and devoting enough time to each project to ensure it completes.

At Henley Finance a highly motivated and experienced team ensures that the processes are being moved smoothly. This enabled to achieve a 30% profit margin on existing loans and over 26% on the entire portfolio with well-balanced security to minimize the risk. Those kinds of returns are unheard of in the banking industry. Last year Bank of America managed to achieve a 3% earning on their portfolio which is ten times lower than the earnings of Henley Finance.

Richard Butler Creagh said “A small team which works efficiently can do more than a large team” this is promotingly because of repetition of tasks cross-checking and general lead times which result in inefficiency. While Henley Finance is looking to expand the aim is to maintain the efficient size to enable high yield for our investors. We have already entered increased our investment portfolio by 10%. With our team, we are confident that the company can handle multiple times the current portfolio and maintaining the current standard of profit and engagement with clients.

To get in touch with Richard, visit the Richard Butler Creagh website. You can also connect with Richard Butler Creagh on his facebook page here. Watch this video to find out more about Henley Finance.


Author: Richard Butler Creagh

Richard Butler-Creagh has been in the bridging lending business for many years. He became involved with this sector through his experiences in buying and selling his own properties. He soon realised that the most important part of this process was to be able to have the availability of good financing.

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